Compliance Watch

Compliance Watch is a regulatory update “newsletter for managers”. It is a bi-monthly electronic update in PDF (adobe) format as well as a special issue on Fair Housing in April (Fair Housing month). It contains HUD and Fair Housing updates, compliance tips, suggestions regarding policies and forms that might be needed, reminders and anything else that might be important to management. It is an allowable HUD property expense.

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Individualized Solutions

All roads to compliance are not the same and the key to successful management is not entirely contained in your regulatory agreement. Compliance challenges are varied and a safe harbor is hard to find, so it's crucial to be sure of the facts before making a decision.

I provide the latest regulatory information to your company, I'm prompt in responding to client requests, and I'm willing to assist with your individual situation.

Accurate information generates an appropriate response and a Compliance Watch subscription is one of the most reliable sources of accurate knowledge available to your company.

What Clients Have To Say...

"Roxie is known nationwide for her candid, accurate, and timely interpretation of new and proposed regulations and fair housing issues. I have worked with Roxie for many years and consider her an integral part of my compliance efforts for my clients in these times of daily changes of regs and laws."
-Jack Murray
Affordable Housing Consultant

"Roxie has proven to be an invaluable asset to our day-to-day operations by helping to ensure we are kept up-to-date on HUD notices and updates to HUD's ever-changing regulations and policies. The bi-monthly Compliance Watch newsletter, as well as the email updates keep us well informed and ready to handle anything HUD can throw at us. I would highly recommend Roxie's services to anyone! "
-Chip Griffin
Lookout Property Management

"Roxie knows property management, Roxie knows Fair Housing, Roxie knows HUD regs. Most importantly, she knows how to help us make sense of it all on a daily basis. Roxie Munn is, in incredibly important ways, a part of the Benchmark team."
-Isha Francis
Benchmark Management Corporation